To strengthen cultural identity and leadership capacities in indigenous youth, preparing them to engage with other cultures while preserving their own. 



Yakanal joins two words that mean “corn” in the native languages Western Keres (yaa’ka) and Yucatec Mayan (nal). Yakanal honors an ancient relationship with our sacred food, nurturing leadership qualities and sustainable living practices in youth and other participants.

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Through cultural exchanges and native food projects support indigenous youth to activate ancient relationships that thrived for millennia on migrations, the exchange of knowledge, and the gifts of the land.

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Ha' Agua Water Tz'itz is a video-poem—a poetic documentary—created by the Yakanal indigenous youth cultural exchange and The Cultural Conservancy. Water flows throughout our lives, connecting us in our diversity, and together we send ha', agua, water, tz'itz our gratitude, praise, apologies, and prayers. With these images, sounds, words and feelings we hope to connect ourselves more deeply to each other and to the indigeneity that roots us all in our lands by drawing from, and giving back to, the flow that connects us all.